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Ex Libris makes the literary world a gameboard

Meet Ex Libris. A literary card game that makes the world of books its puzzle. In the game, players are invited to work their way through an array of cards, each representing a book from the western canon, so that from one end of the puzzle to another, a clear line of connecting arguments can be said to 'unite' the literature.

But working through the puzzle is no easy feat. To connect the texts, players will need to identify and development linking arguments to patch together books that might never be considered in the same context. Players might need to connect Alice in Wonderland with The Aeneid, or Moby Dick and Dracula.

What's more. There are no right or wrong answers, just the votes and opinions of your peers. Part literary discussion, part English class debate, Ex Libris is a game that will challenge even the greatest bibliomaniac while teaching a new generation of readers the passion of western literature.

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wrestling with the western canon

in Ex Libris, knowing the books is half the battle

How interconnected is literature? How similiar are its ideas, its themes, its symbols, its questions? In this game, you will puzzle these very connections, proposing and arguing literary connections to complete puzzles of well-known texts. You may not know all of the texts, but there is a world of books to fill in the gaps. Reading invites response, and in this game, readers become writers of their own pathways, navigating the texts of yesteryear and, in effect, making them their own.